Dairy cows in Holland are let out to pasture for the first time since the winter months

This is the greatest video I’ve ever watched. Awards everywhere until the end of time. 

these cows are so happy

This time of the night is a killer. Kills me every night. - until I fall asleep. I wake up and it’s good and then it visits me again.

Just a random memory-popup. I remember the few Malay lessons when me and Farahin would just watch Tom & Jerry.



The first time someone tried to steal my bag in the subway I panicked and I broke his arm with an umbrella and since then none of my friends will let me forget about this.
If you think this was a badass moment you need to remember I’m 5 ft and my bag was a Lucky Star bag and I was crying while hitting someone much bigger than me repeatedly with a frog-shaped umbrella. 

you are my hero